MADECO™ MDTT-91 Temperature Transmitter

Level Transmitter


MADECO ™ MDL600 Submersible Level Transmitters

The MADECO MDL600 enables transmitters to attach to high temperature processes in order to extend the thermal operating range and improve response time. Engineered with two different fill fluids, this product eliminates the need for heat tracing. This device can be used in various process applications, and allows for direct and remote mounting, Tuned-System™ assembly and balanced systems.

  • Housing Material
Ceramic sensor with 316 stainless steel or aluminum bronze housing.
Polyurethane or Fluorinated Ethylyene Polypropylene (FEP) cabling.
316 stainless steel pole supplied with 316 stainless steel housing option.
Copper nickel pole supplied aluminum bronze housing option.
  • Cable Glands

Glanding system supplied with required length of vented cable.

  • Power Supply

10 to 30 Vdc