MDFS110 (Flow Switch)

Special features:

  • Optional: 4 to 20 mA analog output to re ad
  • out the flow rate as percentage value
  • Optional power supply 24VDC or 220VAC
  • LED flicker and display flow and switch situation at real time
  • 2-way PNP / 2-way NPN / 1 relay output
  • All stainless steel housing, IP67 protection
  • Temperature compensation
  • Switch output, control point setting
  • Compact size, support inverted display
  • Mounting joint can be equipped with



  • For gaseous, liquid, particulates-containing, viscous and aggressive media
  • Water and wastewater pressure control
  • Monitoring and control of pump
  • Metal processing industry
  • Controlling flowing value of the refrigerant and the lubricant
  • Leak monitoring in process lines



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