MDIN4 (Universal Input Indicator)

Special features:

  • 4 Digital Display : 20mm high, red LED
  • RTD,T/C, mA & voltage inputs
  • Up to 4 alarm outputs
  • Current Re-Transmission
  • Fully programmable parameters
  • 16 – 128 measurements per second


The MDIN4 series of universal input indicators. The MDIN4 series can be directly connected to most popular process sensors including Thermocouple (Types K, T, J, N, R and S), RTD. 20mA loop Transmitters and DC signals and 20mA DC signals can be scaled to engineering units using any portion of the -1999 to 99999 display range (with an adjustable decimal point position). The MDIN5 can provide up to 3 relay outputs and a linearised 4-20mA output. up to 100mV and 10V. Temperature can be displayed in C or F to 0.1 degree resolution. Millivolt, 10 Volt


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