Conductivity Sensor


  • BH-485 series of online conductivity electrode, in the interior of the electrodes achieve the automatic temperature
  • compensation, digital signal conversion and other functions. With rapid response, low maintenance cost, real-time
  • online measurement characters etc.The electrode using standard Modbus RTU (485) communication protocol, 24V
  • DC power supply, four wire mode can very convenient access to sensor networks.



  • Performance in harsh chemical environments is excellent, chemical resistant material manufactured by the
    electrode is not polarized interference, to avoid dirt, grime and even affect fouling layer covering phenomena such as very poor, simple and easy to install so it’s a very wide range of applications. Design electrodes applied to a high concentration of acids (such as fuming sulfuric acid) environment.
  • English acid concentration meter use, high accuracy, and high stability.
  • Conductivity sensor technology eliminates clogging and polarization errors. Used in all areas of contact
    electrodes may cause blockage which has a high performance.
  • Large aperture sensor, long-term stability.
  • Accommodate a wide range of brackets and use common bulkhead mounting structure, flexible installation


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