MDCN2014-Industrial Conductivity Transmitter

Special features:

  •  Accuracy 1%F.S
  • Measuring range 0.00 S … 20000 S
  • Best accuracy, reproducibility and long-term stability
  • Local zero and span adjustments
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Intrinsically safe and explosion proof (option)
  • with HART, PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus (option)



  • Municipal and industrial water treatment in wastewater treatment plants
  • Drinking and bathing water monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical water
  • Cooling tower control
  • RO units(reverse osmosis)
  • Process industry: Chemical/petro chemical,
  • Food and beverage, offshore oil rigs, pulp and paper, environmental
  • Technology, machine building and general plant construction


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