pH Sensor

Special features:

  • Measuring range: 0-14pH
  • Temperature range: 0-60℃
  • Compressive strength:0.6MPa
  • Material: PPS/PC
  • Slope: ≥96%
  • Zero point potential: E0=7PH±0.3
  • Installation size: Upper and Lower 3/4”NPT Pipe Thread
  • Connection: Low-noise cable goes out directly.
  • Application: Applicable to various industrial sewages, environmental protection and water treatment


 Features of PH electrode:

  • It adopts the world-class solid dielectric and a large area of PTFE liquid for junction, non-block and easy
  • Long-distance reference diffusion channel greatly extends the service life of electrodes in the harsh environment
  • It adopts PPS/PC casing and the upper and lower 3/4”NPTpipe thread, so it is easy for installation and there is
    no need of the jacket, thus saving the installation cost.
  • The electrode adopts the high-quality low-noise cable, which makes the signal output length more than 20
    meters free of interference.
  • There is no need for additional dielectric and there is a little amount of maintenance.
  • High measurement accuracy, fast responsing and good repeatability.
  • Reference electrode with silver ions Ag/AgCL
  • Proper operation shall make service life longer.
  • It can be installed in the reaction tank or pipe laterally or vertically



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