CP1 (Fillable Contact Pressure Gauge & Switch)

Fillable Contact Pressure Gauge & Heavy Duty Pressure Switch

Special features:

  • According to NACE MR 0175 & MR0103 standard
  • Stabilizer movement
  • Anti-glare & Anti-static window
  • Liquid-filled version also available
  • Excellent load-cycle stability and shock resistance
  • Up to 4 switch contacts per instrument
  • Scale ranges up to 0 … 1,600 bar



  • Monitoring of plants and switching of circuits
  • Control and regulation of processes
  • For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallising, also in aggressive ambience
  • Process industry: Chemical/petro chemical, power stations, food and beverage, offshore oil rigs, pulp and paper, environmental technology, machine building and general plant construction


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