MDVB-S Metal Tube Flowmeter

Special features:

P8 Mechanical indicator: 
◆ Stainless steel housing , punch forming , surface finish.
◆ Machinery pointer indicates flow value on site.
◆ Lightly and beautiful appearance.
P10 Indicator: 
◆ Modularization design, Exi, Exd explosion protection.
◆ 2-wire electrical signal output (4-20)mA / hart communication
◆ Optional limit switches combination.
P10I indicator: 
◆ Mechanical indicator with explosion protection housing.
◆ One or two limit switches are selectable.
P10B Indicator: 
◆ P10Bindicator with LCD display , power supply: 3.6V lithium battery


MDVB-S metal cone variable area flowmeters(see fig. 1-1,fig. 1- are used for measure instantaneous and accumulated flow rate of liquid, gas and steam in closed pipelines. It is suitable for metering flow value on site or electronic remote. The measuring principle is hydrodynamic effects,This makes float moving from bottom to top As the displacement of float is in related to flow rate, which can be read from the indicator by means of the magnetic drive system in non-contact form . Also, flowmeters output electrical signal (4-20)mA / hart communication protocol with high / low limit Warning switches/integrating flow PCB broad can be configured


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